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Thank you for your interest in supplying craft beers to our pubs. Our goal is to deliver fantastic customer experiences. We operate over 690 pubs and bars across the UK, within a wide variety of formats: from community and high-street pubs, through branded bars, to country inns and late-night venues.

Our suppliers can now manage their account details, product and contact information through this site.

System Update:  All products input onto the system by the end of Jan 18 have been sent to Stonegate Pub Company for upload. The next product list will be sent to Stonegate Pub Company at the end of February 18. From submission to Stonegate, it can take up to 6 weeks for new products/updates to be visible to the pubs.

Please remember that the product/price changes will not be implemented until the Stonegate system goes live in outlet and all invoices MUST match the Purchase Orders sent from the Beer Company Consolidations Ltd to receive payment.

Existing Suppliers

Email updates
1. Register your email address to our Stonegate Pub Company contact database to receive regular updates and house lists.

New account login
2. You will be provided with a login and password for your account by The Beer Company, please keep this safe as you will need this for all future pricing and product updates.
3. Once you have your account details, please log in and change your password. All product and price changes must be input here in future.

New Suppliers
1. Please read our terms and instructions carefully to ensure you are happy to trade (these are non-negotiable).

Email updates
2. Register your email address to our Stonegate Pub Company contact database to receive regular updates and house lists.

Account creation
3. Download the instruction document and non-disclosure contract, sign and date both documents and email to
4. Create your account.
5. Log in to your account.
6. Input your product details (ensure you publish your form once complete).

Product Details – All Suppliers
1. Please ensure you have read the full instructions to ensure you understand all the processes and avoid delayed payments/set up.
2. All Supplier, product and price changes are now managed on this site – you must have a Login Name and Password to continue (details above), please also ensure you click ‘Publish’ on all updates for them to be sent through.
3. A report will be sent to Stonegate each month for authorisation of all new brewers, beers and price changes – we will be in touch with any suppliers with products that are not authorised.
4. Once authorised, a system update will be sent through, this could take up to 6 weeks to go live on the system and for outlets to be able to order.