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Braving freezing rain and gale force winds from our hilltop in Yorkshire, we put in the long hours and hard graft to bring you beer that you deserve. Bold, benchmark beer that pushes boundaries and sets standards. Beer we can all be proud of. Because, like us, you know the best thing about hard work is the feeling you get when it’s done. And there’s no better reward than the first well-earned sip. In reality, a brewery is just another factory making a product. But it’s our people and their passion that make this our Vocation.

We’re growing rapidly and are now a well known name in the UK beer scene and beyond. Our ability to support a growing, trusted “go to” core range alongside genuine innovation and inspiring beers through our Specials programs has seen us grow across all Sectors. From big Imperial Stouts or Crisp Lagers and everything in-between. We can do it all, with unrivalled attention to quality and consistency…. and at scale .We’re not pretentious, elitist or smug.  We want to share our beer with as many people as we can – we believe great beer should be accessible to all, regardless of where they choose to shop or socialise. We are very proud to have been at the forefront of bringing bold, modern beers to UK supermarkets. Our mission is simple… Better Beer for more People..


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Cock Hill Road , Calderdale, England HX7 5TT, United Kingdom

The Beer Company!