The Changing Face of Compliance

Whilst product quality remains paramount, the landscape around compliance to standards and regulations is rapidly changing, driven by economic, environmental, and social factors.

What does this mean for business ? – This increases the demand on businesses to demonstrate that they can be commercially successful, whilst meeting their environmental, social and compliance obligations.  Ultimately striving to be a more sustainable business.

Compliance Auditing

The Beer Company & Deep Fathom

To help businesses meet these challenges The Beer Company has formed a strategic partnership with DeepFathom, a leading specialist in compliance and auditing solutions.  Their online platform and ground-breaking assessment solutions allow businesses to carry out their audits online, at a time convenient to them, minimising business disruptions and saving time and money.

The audit covers the following areas.
* Modern Day Compliance
* Legals and Legislation
* Product Quality
* Health & Safety
* Hygiene

A full evidence list will be sent out after application with all details.

Suppliers that complete this audit are welcome to tender for the relevant opportunities on this website with our different clients but it does not guarantee any listings or volumes.

Suppliers that do not produce their own products should also be aware that their suppliers will need their own audit before any products will be considered for supply to The Beer Company as a key element of our audit is effective supply chain management to assure end users and buyers.

How You Can Benefit

Reduces time and cost of compliance

More cost effective and efficient process by utilising online technology.

Consistent and accurate reporting

Audit based on the framework for international standards ISO9001:2015, ensuring all audits and evidence collected is consistent and accurate.

Improve efficiencies and speed

Online platform allows for faster evidence capture, review and certification decision making.

Reduces carbon emissions

The online technology and audit solutions reduce the need for unnecessary journeys.

Business promotion

Certified organisations will have the option to promote their business on our approved supplier website which will be used as a database for supplier & product selections going forward.

Available Audits

Your Compliance

The Beer Company!