We have some of the most admired, experiential and customer pleasing pubs across the UK, Laine have 60 sites across Brighton, London and Birmingham, with a growing interest across the UK. Marrying a good time with great drinks has been at our core since we founded in 1996, which is what has driven our passion in ensuring our drinks partnerships remain progressive and based on ever changing customer tastes, In 2014, it is also why we made the decision to found our own Brewery, Laine Brew Co, to brew the beers to best serve the spirit of our pubs and their loyal customers.

Our dedication to beer across our pubs is why we have a fantastic mix of modern favorites and customer pleasing craft, with 8 pubs solely serving the best of Craft beer from around the world. As for the rest of our pubs, all feature a healthy amount of Craft beer, including but not exclusively Laine Brew Co. With over 300 keg lines pouring Craft Beer at any one time, combined with over 100 Cask lines keeping the UK’s oldest beer traditions alive and improving, this all represents a 10,000hl per annum part of our business.

The next step for Laine Pub Co is to ensure all our pubs are benefitting from our scale. As such, we are issuing a tender opportunity for suppliers to submit, within the additional parameters below, to be featured on the Laine Pub Co buying platform.