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Keg Tender Information

Mitchells & Butlers Background

The Mitchells & Butlers keg programmes are accessed by Nicholsons (30+ pubs) and Castle (114 pubs). We offer a new range of craft beers each quarter and the range can vary between the 2 brands.

Each quarter lasts 13 weeks and includes up to 10 products, with volume opportunities ranging from a one off autodrop of 300+ kegs to a full 13 week listing of 300 – 800 kegs depending on popularity of the beer.

Our Seasonal Craft Keg programme is regularly used as a platform for innovation, collaborations, product launches and exclusive to M&B products.

The Beer Company, what do we do ?

We consolidate all seasonal tender information on behalf of Mitchells & Butlers from direct brewers and those which are Beer Company supplied.

A direct brewer is a regional or national brewer with existing products set up directly with M&B

All other brewers/beers are supplied through The Beer Company

The seasonal programme is the first step for any brewer looking to work with M&B for the first time or with new products. All volume is delivered through Tradeteam and products must be available to all M&B brands (it is not possible to select which pubs you would like to supply)

The Process

What Are We Looking For?

The craft beer market is constantly evolving, innovating, and engaging with a greater audience.

We always look to offer our guests a range of beers covering a variety of styles, abvs, and flavours, however we are mindful that the guest base in these pubs are still quite mainstream so extremely challenging beer styles and abvs over 8% are unlikely to be awarded a listing.

Please use the below points as considerations when proposing beers for this programme:

We will also consider

To be fair to all suppliers, we do not offer any specific advice on range or pricing to any brewer and direct contact with the buying team is not permitted during this time.


Seasonal listings come with no support expectations other than the below, so please put forward your best net price

Volume Scope

There are multiple volume opportunities across our Craft Keg Seasonal programme and we’re extremely flexible for the right opportunity.

The Beer Company will be in touch with all successful brewers to confirm the brands each beer has been selected for and will provide a forecast based on these numbers. Please remember the forecasts are a guide and not an exact order so we recommend carry 2 weeks stock based on this forecast for the first few weeks, until you understand your own order patterns.

Pricing and Opportunities

M&B Opportunities


To work with M&B your brewery MUST have completed one of the approved audits, these are

Administration Needed if Selected

Once shortlisted, we will ask brewers to e-mail back the following information (the forms will be e-mailed out after seasonal listing confirmations)

All Suppliers

  1. Video tasting note
  2. Powerpoint Tasting Note
  3. Social Media details/pack
  4. Photo of brewery/brewer
  5. High Res Pump Clip Image
  6. Pricing Forms with duty details

Beer Company Suppliers will also need to provide the following additional information

  1. PDF of keg label ( showing BBD and allergen info )
  2. Copy of public liability insurance
  3. Allergen Spreadsheet
  4. Any other info you believe will help promote your beer

Additional Info

Seasonal Keg Tender