Picturehouse Cinemas Instructions

How do we buy Craft Beer?

1. Our 2 supply routes for craft products are Matthew Clark and The Beer Company Ltd. Any products NOT set up with Matthew Clark will need to go through the Beer Company through this direct delivery scheme.

2. Our venues will order their products through The Beer Company who will send out to the individual suppliers with full address details and Purchase Order Numbers.

3. The Suppliers will need to confirm their orders and arrange delivery direct to site.

How to Tender

1. All suppliers will need to set up an account and tender their products at https://picturehouses.thebeercompany.co.uk

2. This is an annual tender, brewers are welcome to update their accounts at any time but we will download from the site for product selections in July each year.

3. We will be in touch with successful brewers by 1st August.

Credit Terms

Credit terms are 45 days from end of month from invoice date.

The price on your invoice must match that on the order, all prices submitted must last for 12 months.

The invoice must clearly show the purchase order number provided and pricing must match the purchase order sent from The Beer Company.

Please ensure invoices are addressed to The Beer Company Ltd but state the Cinema address in the delivery section.

Remittances are sent out in advance, please check your remittances and send back our invoice query form within 48 hours if anything is missing/inaccurate – once the pay run is complete we will not action any queries until the following month (This can be found in the form section of this website).

Due to new GDPR legislation, we no longer e-mail bank details. As The Beer Company pays by BACs transfer, our bank details are not needed by suppliers.

We will use the supplier bank details detailed on invoices for our payments, if you would like us to pay into a different account, please contact Katy on 07986 981110.

Our company information is provided in this document below, we do not complete individual brewers terms and conditions.

Any invoices owed to The Beer Company Ltd will be set off against any amounts owed by that company.

Ordering Process

Orders are sent out daily with outlet details and purchase order numbers.

Please confirm any issues with orders to picturehouse@thebeercompany.co.uk

We advise you have a direct relationship with the local pubs/managers and let them know your delivery days along with any minimum order quantities.

Invoices should be sent to picturehouse@thebeercompany.co.uk (credit terms will only start once we have an invoice with correct PO and price).


Cask Beers must have a minimum BBD of 30 days.

Keg beers and packaged products must have a minimum BBD of 6 months.

The Supplier must provide any badges/clips/artwork required to sell the beer with the delivery.

On receipt of an order, the supplier should contact the venue direct to confirm the delivery day.

Containers & Ullages

Neither Picturehouse Cinemas or The Beer Company Ltd take any responsibility for containers (casks/kegs). These are used at the suppliers own risk. Please also be reminded that’s as this is direct delivered by the supplier E-Cask/E-Keg do not permit the use of their containers via this route.

If any ullages are reported by outlets, you will be sent an ullage form which must be acknowledged within 24 hours.

All ullages must be credited within 7 days of notification.

Any ullages or empty containers should be collected each week with the delivery or within 7 days of notification.

Common Mistakes

Do not agree any free stock offers with outlets – brewers providing free stock will be removed from our supply lists and reported to HMRC.

Do not take an order from an outlet, only products ordered via The Beer Company Ltd with an approved purchase order number can be invoiced.

Only invoices that match the pricing and volumes on our orders can be processed.

We will not process any paperwork without purchase order numbers.

The credit terms start once we have received the correct paperwork (not date of delivery or order).

Service standards will be monitored and suppliers will be reviewed on a regular basis.