Online Audit Instructions

  1. To take part in the online audit, click on ‘Apply for Audit’ at

  2. Once the request is submitted, the following will be sent:
    • An application form with terms and conditions for your completion and signature
    • Document outlining the audit process
    • An invoice for the audit
  3. Please return the completed application form along with your payment to:
  4. On receipt of payment of the invoice, an email will be sent with instructions on how to complete the audit and a url link to access the online audit
  5. Please ensure you read all the instructions and have all the documented evidence ready before you start
  6. To complete the audit, click on the url link, you will then be presented with a series of statements. Read each of the statements, select the response that is most suitable and upload the evidence requested
  7. You can stop and restart the audit at any time if you don’t have the evidence to complete the relevant statement by clicking the ‘stop and reply later’ button
  8. On completion of the audit, the information will be sent to one of our reviewers
  9. A full report will be sent to your email address within 2 weeks of completing the audit. The report will show the reviewers comments on each section and highlight if any further evidence is required
  10. After addressing any improvements highlighted within the report, please send your supporting evidence to:
  11. On completion of the audit process, you will be sent your certificate along with your certification logo to use on your website and social media posts
  12. On completion of the audit process, you will also be invited to upload your company details including photos and images to The Beer Company’s approved supplier’s webpage
  13. You will be automatically informed when your next annual audit is due

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