The recent tender to merge the supply lists for the Leased and Tenanted Estate (Ex Ei) and Stonegate Managed Estate is now complete.

  • The changes to the managed list will take effect from 1st August.
  • The changes to the L&T estate have been delayed until 1st September.

If you missed the original deadline and would still like to tender, the Supply Instructions and dates are listed below.

New suppliers

  • Read the instructions to trade to ensure you can work to the processes set out.
  • Create your Product Account and submit the products you would like us to consider.


We will download submissions monthly for the next 3 months and will respond to all product tenders, this will then become a quarterly download.

Successful brewers will be sent the instructions to trade which will need to be completed in full and e-mailed back as one full document to with 7 days of receipt

Next Tender DownloadSuccessful Products available to pubs by
25th September 21End Oct 21
25th October 21End Nov 21
25th November 21End Dec 21
25th February 22End March 22
25th May 22End June 22