1. Ordering & Deliveries

The instructions to trade have been signed by all businesses on our Laine system.  These can be downloaded by clicking on Supply Instructions on the Laine page of this website.  We would recommend reading these in full as they explain all the queries on this page in more detail.

1.1 I have received a purchase order but haven’t got the stock, what do I do

Please see sections 5 and 7 of the supply instruction document

  • You must login to your self billing account and amend the order, then click confirm within 24 hours of receiving the order
  • If this is a regular customer, the brewer should also contact the outlet and let them know incase they would like to order something else, the original order will need to be cancelled and a new order raised by the outlet
1.2 I have agreed with the pub/outlet to change the order, how is this amended

Please see section 7 of the supply instruction document

  • This is in breach of the instructions to trade
  • Neither the outlet/manager or brewer can change or cancel any order on The Beer Company system
  • If a supplier cannot deliver a product or order, it must be amended at confirmation on self billing within 24 hrs of recieving the order
  • The undeliverable will be cancelled by The Beer Company and the outlet will need to raise a new order on their system for any new products
1.3 We have a Minimum Order Quantity, how is this communicated to the outlet

Please see 7.13 of the supply instruction document

  • We do not operate a minimum order policy, if you need to an outlet to order more items to meet your requirements, you need to inform the outlet and ask them to raise an additional order or you can cancel the order by amending the quantities to 0 on self billing and confirming
  • Our portal only requests information required by our client and their own IT system
1.4 I have delivered to the pub/outlet but not receive a PO yet, what do I do

Please see 7.12 of the supply instruction document

  • Suppliers should never deliver without a purchase order number as there is no process for payment
  • In this situation, the supplier should chase the person/outlet that agreed the delivery to put an official order on their system so it will come through to The Beer Company and the supplier can then invoice
  • The Beer Company is not responsible for any invoices for stock we have not ordered
1.5 Can I contact an outlet to let them know what products we have available

Please see section 10 of the supply instruction document

  • Yes, you can contact outlets to let them know the products you have available from the approved list
  • Pricing and commercial information must not be shared with a manager or outlet
1.6 How do we promote our products to the outlets

Please see section 10 of the supply instruction document

  • Suppliers can support their brands with POS, branded glassware and meet the brewer/tap takeover events
  • The suppliers that enjoy the highest volumes and orders will visit each site and have a relationship with the individual managers
  • Free stock is NOT permitted to any managed outlet
  • Pricing and commercial data should never be shared with an outlet / manager.  As a managed outlet, they will recieve pricing from their own head office and NOT suppliers
  • The house list is available to download on the Laine page of this webiste

2. Invoicing & Payment

2.1 Why haven’t I been Paid

Please see section 4 , 5 and 6 of the supply instruction document

Please check the following

  • Self -Billing – Ensure you have uploaded your invoice to the self-billing system
  • Self -Billing – Check the date the self billing system states the payment is due, payment terms start from the date the invoice is uploaded not the date stated on the invoice
  • Invoice – is your invoice addressed to the correct company as per the instruction document ?
    (If not, you will need to e-mail a new, correct invoice to this will incur a £10 charge per document
  • Invoice – does your invoice state the purchase order number ?
    (If not, you will need to e-mail a new, correct invoice to this will incur a £10 charge per document
  • Does your invoice match the products and prices on the purchase order ?
    (If not, you will need to e-mail a new, correct invoice to this will incur a £10 charge per document
    We do not process credit notes for price corrections, if this is the error, you will need to send a new invoice that matches the PO
  • Is your invoice a professional, system generated document ?
    We do not work with brewers unless they can produce professional documentation, hand written invoices are not accepted

If you have checked all the above and still have a payment query, please complete the document attached and e-mail to

2.2 When will I get paid

Please see section 8 of the supply instruction document for credit terms

  • The credit terms start from the date we receive a correct invoice into the self-billing account
  • Your self-billing account will show you all live orders that need invoicing and the payment date of those that have been invoiced correctly
2.3 The price on the purchase order is not correct, how do I change this

Please see section 6 of the supply instruction document

  • You cannot change any pricing, invoices will only be processed if the value matches that on the purchase order
  • If you have amended a price on your system for an existing product, this will not be downloaded or approved as all prices input must remain until April 2022 – this is stated in section 1 of the supply instructions
  • In this case, you can accept the order at the price stated on the PO or decline the order by amending the quantity to 0 on self-billing and confirming
2.4 I haven’t received a remittance for a payment
  • Remittances are automatically sent to the contacts stated on the instruction document
  • If you would like us to change the e-mail address for any remittances or orders, you will need to send a new, fully completed Supply Instruction document to
2.5 How do we change our contact and account details
  • The account manager information must be kept updated on the product account portals (visible when you access the account through the website). These contacts will be used for all head office communications, failure to update this information could result in the correct person not receiving our main communications from head office and the lack of action may result in the removal of your account.
  • To change orders, remittance e-mails, bank details, or self billing logins, you will need to download a new supply instruction document, complete all details and e-mail back to

3. Product Updates

3.1 I have updated products on my account, when will the outlets see them
  • For Laine Pub Company, we do a new product upload each quarter, the dates are stated on the Laine page of our webiste
  • Price changes will only be accepted annually – the next price changes will be looked at in April 2022
  • You cannot change a product that has already been set up as the system product code will no longer match, new products must be set up as ‘New Beers’ and not amend a current product (products that are amended to a new product will be deleted)
3.2 How do I set up a seasonal product
  • You can set up a seasonal product, for e.g Seasonal Beer 4.0 – 4.5%
  • This beer can only have one price and invoices must always match the PO
  • The supplier will need to communicate with an outlet to ensure they both agree the product to be delivered
  • The seasonal code must show all the allergens that could be in any of the seasonal products
3.3 Why have products been removed from my account
  • Any new products requested that are not approved by head office are deleted from the system – brewers are notified of new product approval status
  • Any products that have no sales within 6 months of set up may be automatically deleted from the system
  • Suppliers that do not respond to important e-mails and updates will be automatically deleted from the system – this includes the request for the signed instruction documents from new suppliers
3.4 Why can’t we add our stock levels to our products
  • The Product Account portal is for data capture only and does not automatically feed into any system
  • The portal is only downloaded once a month
  • We can only provide information requested by our clients into their IT system

4. Account Login Details

4.1 I can’t log in to my account
  • Your product accounts are different for each client. The details should be logged on your Supply Instructions for each client. The product accounts also have a different login and password to the self -billing accounts, these should also be logged on your Supply Instructions
  • To obtain a copy of your Supply Instructions and all passwords you will need to speak to the account manager within your own business
  • Product Accounts – check you have used the link to each product account from the website to ensure you are on the correct account for each client
  • Product Accounts – there is a password reset button under the instructions when you go through the website and click on Product Account for each client
  • Product Accounts – The product accounts also show the main contact details for each brewer, please ensure these are kept up to date as these are the details that will be used for all communications from head office, suppliers that do not respond to important communications may be removed from the system and supply
  • Product Accounts – if the above do not work and you would like us to reset your product account login details, please update the Supply Instruction document in full and e-mail to
  • Self Billing – your login details should be on the Supply Instruction document, if you would like us to reset your self bill login, you will need to complete a new instruction document in full and e-mail to

5. Self-Billing

5.1 How to use Self Billing (Short YouTube Video)


5.2 How do I log into Self-Billing from a mobile phone

To use Self-Billing on a mobile phone, you will need to switch to desktop view


  • Launch the Self-Billing on Android
  • Tap on vertical 3 dots icon for the menu options (top right)
  • Selectthe box against the desktop site/view
  • Switch back once completed


  • Launch the Self-Billing on Apple
  • Tap the “aA” icon in the top left corner of the screen to reveal the website view and select it
  • Switch back once completed