M&B Instructions

For information only, successful brewers will be sent instructions to sign and return.


Only brewers with SALSA + Beer or above are permitted to supply Mitchells & Butlers.

This is a consignment stock model and the supplier remains ownership of the stock whilst in depot.

All pricing tendered should be based on full pallet deliveries to Tradeteam DHL depots. The main depot used for programmes is Stretton.

To tender for M&B, create your product account and submit your beers. No more than 6 products per brewer.

The processes for supply have changed from 2021 and the main details are below.


    • The supplier will be sent delivery requests with all depot and booking in details when new stock is requested. Orders are placed Day 1 for delivery Day 4.
    • Orders must be acknowledged within 2 hours back to to enable our team to confirm back to DHL and confirm all booking in slots and deliveries.
    • The supplier arranges delivery or signs up to The Beer Company agreement below and The Beer Company will arrange collection.
    • For suppliers that choose their own logistics option, The Beer Company takes no responsibility for any issues with the DHL depots and the supplier will need to arrange for redeliveries when necessary at their own cost.
    • You can choose for The Beer Company to arrange your collections and manage all deliveries into DHL depots at the cost of £60 per pallet, this will be invoiced weekly and set off against the corresponding invoices/payments owed to the supplier.
    • The Beer Company will take responsibility for any issues caused by our haulier or DHL deliveries and will cover the cost of any redeliveries for these instances when using our logistics option.
    • The Beer Company will not cover the cost of any logistics issues caused by the supplier and redeliveries caused by supplier issues will remain at a cost of £60 per pallet.
    • For The Beer Company collection, euro pallets must be used.


    • As this is consignment stock, invoicing will only be processed for purchase orders not delivered volumes.
    • Each week, The Beer Company will send a purchase order which will show the stock that was delivered to outlets for the previous week.
    • The supplier would then e-mail an invoice that matched the purchase order to
    • Payment terms are 45 days from the end of the month that a correct invoice is received.
    • The details you need to set up an account will be provided to successful brewers, we do not complete individual brewers terms and conditions.

    • All containers should be stacked and secured appropriately to ensure they arrive safely at the DHL depots.
    • Any costs occurred by pallets not being stacked securely will be passed on to the brewer in redelivery fees.
    • All pallets must be clearly labelled with product Info, delivery depot, booking in time and purchase order number (all supplied with the order).
    • It is the suppliers responsibility to ensure that labels are securely attached to containers to last through the distribution network. Any containers reported as ‘no label’ from DHL will automatically be ullaged and therefore not be sold to any customer.
    • All containers must be clearly labelled with product, BBD, duty paid volumes, allergens & ingredients.
    • The container types used for the listing MUST be the same as tender application. Keykegs and other one way containers are not permitted.
    • We recommend the use of e-cask/e-keg as we do not take any responsibility for containers once in the network. They also allow the supplier to stick labels directly to the top of the containers which reduces the risk of ‘no label’ ullages.
    • If you choose to use your own containers, they will need to be collected within 7 days of notification of being back at the delivery depot.
    • Any containers that are not collected within this timeframe will be given to Kegwatch.
  •  Ullages

    • Ullages are reported once they have been checked by DHL.
    • There are 2 types of ullage
      • Stock Ullage – Issue with a container, cannot be delivered to any outlet leaking containers or label issues
      • Trade Ullage – Ullages that have been returned by pubs, these are checked by Tradeteam to ensure that no more than 3g has been used
    • Ullages will be reported to suppliers as soon as notified by DHL.
    • Credit notes
      • For stock ullages – no credit notes will be required as the stock will not be on a PO
      • For Trade Ullages – a credit note will be required as the stock will have been on a PO
    • Invoice payments may not be paid to suppliers with outstanding credit notes.
    • Credit note amounts for ullages to The Beer Company may be automatically set off against payments.
    • For suppliers using Kegstar containers, please ensure you choose to attach labels to the container and not use cardboard neck labels as these regularly fall off or get wet and result in stock ullages.

      Best Before Dates

    • All keg products must be delivered with minimum 6 months shelf life.
    • All cask beers must be delivered with minimum 42 days shelf life.


    • The following charges may be applied for service issues
Issue                                               Fee                              Reason
Cannot Supply                   £50 fee each week               We lose sales

(when within forecast)

These charges may be set off against supplier invoices
    • Service issues are monitored and logged and brewers that do not meet the service requirements when listed with The Beer Company will not be listed again for a minimum of 1 year.


    • To reduce postage costs, M&B will order the cask/keg badges for each brewer direct from Colorscan. Brewers will be sent invoices direct for production.
    • Suppliers will need to ensure that Colorscan have up to date artwork.
    • Keg Beer Listings
      • Castle listings will require round t-bar images
      • Nicholsons listings will require oval t-bar images
    • Suppliers must ensure due diligence had been taken to ensure all imagery is appropriate and legal.
    • Do not arrange any promotional activity direct with outlets, unless agreed with procurement team as these activities can result in a cost to your business with no commercial benefit.
  • These instructions with more account information, beer listing details and forecasts will be sent to all successful brewers

Good Luck with your tenders