Molson Coors

Thank you for your interest in the Molson Coors Guest Ale program. All SALSA + Beer accredited brewers will be sent the tender for Molson Coors. This opportunity sees your beers published in the monthly brochure Hotlines, which is sent to over 13,000 free trade pubs nationally.

Tender – The next tender will be sent out in March 2020 and will cover July – December 2010

The Beer Company, what do we do?

We work alongside Molson Coors in developing a 3rd party cask portfolio, including introducing new, modern craft brewers to the range and maximizing sales opportunities for all.

Any new suppliers will be supplied through The Beer Company to Molson Coors. Please complete your tender document as instructed and we will then be in touch with successful brewers as the programs are completed and confirmed.

The Tender Process

Up to 200 brewers will tender for the programme and we select 8 – 10 beers for each monthly brochure, with 3 months being confirmed at one time.

What are we looking for?

All breweries must be AWRS registered to be considered and be able to meet all points of the tender document.

Each month we select the beers based on the following style criteria-

1. Blonde Beers
2. Traditional Bitters
3. Golden Beer
4. IPA
5. Specialty/PR beer
6. Price Buster – must be an invoice price of £52 or under, (this should include the £5 marketing fee)
7. An event beer – details are provided on the tender

We also take into consideration-

1. Professionalism, good working relationships and the ability to complete all administration accurately and in full
2. Good Commercials
3. Strong Branding
4. Good Social media presence
5. Accreditation – all new brewers must have completed SALSA + Beer accreditation

Marketing Fees

There is a marketing fee on all casks of £5 per firkin purchased and a further opportunity to promote your beer with the adverts below:

* Guest Beer of the Month (full page advert) £400 + VAT
* Brewer of the Month (full page advert) £400 + VAT

Pump Clips

Pump clips MUST be attached to containers

20 spare clips should be posted to Laura Crabbe, Molson Coors NCC, Copse Walk, Cardiff Gate, Cardiff, CF23 8BB

Please note that there will be a £5 per cask charged to suppliers for each container delivered without a pump clip. Deliveries will also be refused and the beer may be excluded from the program.

Forecasts/Orders and Volumes

Beers tendered must be available for delivery 1 week before the start of the promotional period to ensure customer orders can be satisfied from day 1 of the promotional period. Beers must also be listed and available throughout the promotional period. A penalty fee of £5 per cask may be applied if stock is not available due to vendor error.

The guest ales will need to be delivered into Tradeteam and all orders will be for deliveries in full pallets of 18 x 9g.

All pallets must be labeled correctly and include a purchase order number, delivery time & day and the depot address (these will be provided with the orders)

The main delivery address is below

Tradeteam DHL, Eastern Avenue, Burton on Trent, DE13 0BB

Unfortunately, we can’t send out forecasts due to the nature of the program and the flexibility of choice to our customers.

Our first order will usually be 18/36 x 9g (depending on the time of year and beer style), more pallets will be ordered as needed and volumes can range between 100 and 400 casks per month depending on the popularity of the beer.

All beers must arrive with a minimum best before date of 35 days.

Pricing & Opportunities

The price you submit for our tenders will last for 6 months.

In the instances of duty increases, suppliers must honour the price into Molson Coors/The Beer Company during the period and in the subsequent period to which the duty increase has occurred.

Please note we may not consider any beers that are proposed into us above £60 per cask.

There are also opportunities for the beers that prove popular and show a proven customer demand when listed on our hotlines brochure to move to permanent listings in the future.

Payment Terms

Payment Terms for brewers supplying beer direct to Molson Coors will be 90 days from invoice

Payment Terms for brewers supplying through the Beer Company will be 30 days from end of month of invoice date.