The Seasonal Cask Programme

For a number of years M&B have successfully activated a seasonal cask beer range across a number of brands where a selection of up to 16 products are chosen for a programme.

The seasonal programme is the first step for any brewer looking to work with M&B for the first time or with new products. All volume is delivered through Tradeteam and products must be available to all M&B brands (it is not possible to select which pubs you would like to supply).

Brands that have access to the seasonal range are; Nicholsons, Castle, Ember, High Street, Suburban, Toby, Vintage, PCP, Orchid and Leased.

The seasonal range segment of the cask ale category represent circa 15,000+ brls a year and is open to 600+ sites.

M&B’s seasonal range is regularly used as a platform for innovation, collaborations, and exclusive to M&B products.

Our seasonal cask tenders run for 13 weeks and follow the seasons below

Autumn – September/October/November
Winter – December/January/February
Spring – March/April/May
Summer – June/July/August

The Seasonal Keg Programme

The Mitchells & Butlers keg programmes are accessed by Nicholsons (30+ pubs) and Castle (114 pubs). We offer a new range of craft beers each quarter and the range can vary between the 2 brands.

Each quarter lasts 13 weeks and includes up to 6 products, with volume opportunities ranging from a one off autodrop of 300+ kegs to a full 13 week listing of 300 – 1000 kegs depending on popularity of the beer.

Our Seasonal Craft Keg programme is regularly used as a platform for innovation, collaborations, product launches and exclusive to M&B products.

Useful Information

Mitchells & Butlers ONLY work with suppliers with SALSA/BRC standard accreditations.

To be fair to all suppliers, we do not offer any specific advice on range or pricing to any brewer.

Seasonal listings come with no support expectations other than the below, so please put forward your best net price.

Listings can range from 18 x 9g/30L per week to 90 x 9g/30L per week, successful brewers will be sent a forecast in advance.

Forecasts are an estimate an NOT an exact order, we suggest carrying 2 weeks stock, based on your forecast, for the first month, until you understand your order pattern.

Best Before Dates
Cask = 42 days on collection/delivery
Keg = 6 months on collection/delivery

Suppliers will receive orders day 1 for delivery day 3, there can be 2 deliveries a week required dependant on volumes.  Orders are in full pallets.

What types of Beers are we looking for?

The seasonal programmes cover a range of beer styles. No style is out of scope for our tenders and all styles/categories can be submitted, we encourage the below

  • Collaborations with other brewers
  • Partnerships with 3rd parties e.g celebrities, food suppliers, charities, national events
  • Exclusive brews – either new recipes or ones from the archive
  • Launch Products
  • Innovation Products
  • Flagship Beers
  • Good Commercials
  • Strong Branding
  • Good Social Media Presence

We will also consider professionalism and good relationships with our suppliers and the ability to complete all administration accurately and in full.


This tender is exclusive and does not impact any other contractual agreement that MABLR may have with your company.

The contents of this tender are private & confidential